Freshers: Welcome to Oxford

A big warm welcome to all the new freshers coming to Oxford in 2019! Make sure you pop down to our lovely, independent, family run shop to get your lovely new (or used) bicycle for cycling between lectures/college (and the pub of course!)


We are happy to announce that we now accept card payments., making buying a lovely second hand or new bicycles much easier.


We now have a shop! 251b Cowley Road, (bottom of Southfield Road) Oxford, OX4 1XG. 01865 240879
Is anyone planning on seeing the film ‘World War Z’ that’s out later this year? If so keep an eye out for the bicycle ridden by Jerry Lane (Played by BRAD PITT) as we serviced this bicycle and another one for the production company when they were filming in upper Heyford! Our mini claim to fame ;o)